Down time vs. REAL down time

I'm sitting here counting on my fingers the number of things I keep putting off, like:

  • Getting the video I was working on done that uses the pictures from Summit 2006.
  • Working on my book
  • Submitting photos to the Photographer's Workshop

This list really does go on and on... and practically none of it is work related.  I don't get it that I can procrastinate with the things I love to do vs the things I need to do - like work.  (slapping side of head right now)....   that's soooo wrooong......
It's down time!  I have bad case of "downatimeaanemia", I just know it!  It would be nice to just have a week to do absolutely nothing so I guilt myself into doing at least those three items above.  Ahhh yes, that, and a nice tall - very tall - (no - even taller!) glass of Planter's Punch from Fosters would definitely do the trick.  Got a week off after next week and can't wait!

This morning I woke up to find my cats playing with a live snake.  How it got into the house is beyond me but it was a little one and very fast so it's likely it slipped in while a door was open and we weren't looking.  Then, in the shower I found a fat spider.  Waking up to snakes and spiders isn't exactly what I had in mind!  Mind you tho - I turned them loose safely in the back yard.  Did ya ever feel like that religious bald guy that turns everything loose and safe on that commercial on TV?    Something like that.

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