Brain Exercises!

This is a fun site I found that just gets those grey things in your head really moving!  Check this out:

I can't really say it's better than coffee tho as I don't drink coffee but probably does the same thing.....

Microsoft does it again....

Now and then at lunchtime I work on my book. The other day I went to see how many pages I had and found I could not see the page numbers. They *used* to work. Then while trying to do a mailmerge, I could not see the image for the header. That *used* to work. Then when merging and viewing merge results I could not see the merged field information! That *used* to work. I just love the idea that those programmers who probably live in Hollywood dream houses get paid a fortune to do that.... Yup.... makes me soooo happy. Yup... I'm just sooo happy... They really know how to test and put that stuff out there.... Yup. (NH translation Ayupppp)

Just LUV those upgrades..... just LUV those bugs/er/features even more!
Gotta find some paper that needs TEARING UP!!!! Yup Yup Yup...... Off to RIP AND TEAR! (It's a healthy thing you know.....)

Happy to be alive!

Had a very bad last week and worst weekend but it's over for now.  I just found the most unique and interesting site I absolutely LOVE!  For you math buffs try:

It's a bit complicated, but makes total sense.  I always knew that math has a lot to do with what goes on around us, whether we see it or not, and to think in those terms - hey, lies can be built so easily from it.... it's scarey.  Folks using statistics to easily lie to the public.... Big important folks like Homeland Security.... ouch!  If you have the time, check it out.  It's a real eye-opener.

Blue Button Madness

Am thinking of how easy it is to just wake up, hit that blue button and everything just automagically falls into place..... It doesn't matter what you are trying to accomplish - just hit that button and your job is done! -grin-

The blue button was a beast that lived regularly during our POISE stage. It was easy to create a report by just hitting that one command. We got really used to those! Of course, that command has a ton of processes behind it that the user sometimes does and sometimes does not know about. Over time, the blue button eventually becomes a black box.

Enter a new database system! Blue buttons were abandoned and scattered everywhere in a frenzy of survival and panic. Everyone wanted them back, but they were just blue non-functional things now and the question is - should they be replaced? Can they be recreated?

Doing a daily routine of a lot of not so complicated things is a very desirable situation to be in for those who really don't mind change. Of course, that's usually the individual who doesn't use a blue button or is even aware that they are using one. Also, it's hard to be challenged in an environment that nobody is 100% used to yet. We have been drawn into a situation where depending on others is much more important than before. We find we now need to communicate and work with each other, and we find, most importantly, how much we need each other's skills.

The blue button world was where a person could come in, push it, wait for the outcome and then deliver. Rarely would a group effort enter into this. That button was that person's responsibility and in no way should anyone else touch it..... But, the value of "the button" suddenly decreases for the department. That button is dependent on that person, and that person alone. Were we in that situation? I've seen it here and there, but fortunately not too often, and those buttons are now long gone.

Are blue buttons good or bad? I can't help but think of the fact that technology changes wait for nobody. Change seems to destroy those "blue buttons" so maybe they'll evolve into something less stiff and black-boxy. I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea of applications being developed by folks with absolutely no programming background or experience whatsoever. Push this button and code automagically just pops out? Those are very scarey applications.