Microsoft does it again....

Now and then at lunchtime I work on my book. The other day I went to see how many pages I had and found I could not see the page numbers. They *used* to work. Then while trying to do a mailmerge, I could not see the image for the header. That *used* to work. Then when merging and viewing merge results I could not see the merged field information! That *used* to work. I just love the idea that those programmers who probably live in Hollywood dream houses get paid a fortune to do that.... Yup.... makes me soooo happy. Yup... I'm just sooo happy... They really know how to test and put that stuff out there.... Yup. (NH translation Ayupppp)

Just LUV those upgrades..... just LUV those bugs/er/features even more!
Gotta find some paper that needs TEARING UP!!!! Yup Yup Yup...... Off to RIP AND TEAR! (It's a healthy thing you know.....)