Been away

Start of the school year always is a trial.  In the chaos of things we're still able to remain sane and productive.  Yay!

I just got a CD done that reflects our experience at Sungard Summit this past year.  Today I hope to show it.   Always nervous about things like that though.... guess it's an artsy thing huh.  Found a great site today for you history buffs.  It's at and shows pictures and stories of some of the most famous and intense times.  Enjoy!

Got invited to speak at the Wizard's Conference in NY.  I am so excited to be able to do this!  It's the same presentation I gave at Summit and is so much fun to give except now I need to remember what I 'said' somewhat and remember what slides come next well (there are 98 or so of them).  It's funny how much you forget in just a few months.....  PSU definitely rocks!