Finally - The sun shows it's face

Got to go outside at lunch. It just felt great to have this relief of sun after so much cold weather and rain. It's also a great start to a nice long weekend.

I don't know why I'm blogging but everyone seems to do it these days. I really should take that spare time to work on my book but due to the events this past year I ended up very distracted and not ready to do any good writing yet. If anyone's interested, it's a story that begins in 1960 and I've been trying to keep it true to the times. Those were very strange times when everything it seemed had wild rainbow type designs and the Vietnam War was ever present. Rebellion took on a brand new form. Hair got longer, clothes wilder, the English language was mangled and tangled with odd words like 'Groovey' and every other word seemed to be 'man'. Music got louder as the bands and entertainers started to experiment with new sounds. People weren't quite as savvy as they are today and sex was always a taboo subject in many homes.

Well, enough of that. What do you think of this? This picture was one of the amarylis we had in our window. I "reddened" out the background: